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"Beautiful tranquility!"
G.M. & M.M., Bear Lake, BC
"So interesting and beautiful."
M.G., Lorradi, Germany
"Amazing place of the past"
S.C., Manitoba Rivers, Manitoba
"Wonderful Site and hosts!"
S.C., Port Alberni, BC
"So Serene! Beautiful!"
B. Family, Victoria, BC
"Well and very friendly managed. Nice place, we enjoyed it very much"
H. Family, Zurich Switzerland
"Very interesting and friendly"
G.B., Bassano, Alberta
"Good food, Warm hospitality!"
D.H. & L.H., Degrenelle, AB
"Back Again! Best cooks in BC!"
L.M., Suffolk, England
"Travel through time. Amazing!"
P.S., Mumbai, India
"Wonderful piece of history. So many details intact!"
P.C., New Westminster, BC